Global Journal of Food and Agribusiness Management

ISSN 2756-343X

Aims and scope

Global Journal of Food and Agribusiness Management is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes high-quality original papers and review articles in all aspects of food and agribusiness management. The journal focuses on the business and economics of agriculture and food with emphasis on areas such as marketing, finance, international trade, risk management, financial markets, resource economics and management, consumer economics, farm management, labor and personnel management, environmental and natural resource economics, food supply chains, and agricultural and food policy.

The aims of the journal include the following:

  • To publish articles dealing with agrichemicals, animal feeds, biofuels, food security, breeding, crop production and distribution, farm machinery, processing, and seed supply, as well as marketing and retail sales. 
  • To publish high quality articles dealing with farm management, food and rural businesses with global and local perspectives.
  • To publish articles dealing with agricultural policy, financial impacts related to nutrition and health, economic aspect of conservation and land use conversion.
  • To publish articles aimed at meeting the challenges and opportunities associated with the business of food.
  • To publish articles dealing with food economies especially economic studies and reports exploring agribusiness and agribusiness practices.
  • To create a veritable platform for agribusiness managers and players in the agriculture value chain who seek practical skills and solutions to challenges in their organisations/businesses.
  • To publish articles that are based on a comprehensive needs analysis and innovative design process developed in collaboration with practitioners and experts in the agribusiness industry.
  • To provide a platform for current global, regional and domestic trends and market realities to enhance strategic capabilities and planning.
  • To publish articles that would deepen our understanding of the changing roles of policymakers and government agencies in shaping the value chain.
  • To publish articles that skillfully combine sound economic and management principles with agricultural production policy and technology.
  • To publish articles that endeavors to meet the growing demand for agribusiness as a key foundation of value-based education.
  • To provide a platform for a new breed of internationally competitive and socially committed researchers in such a way that generates an influential contribution to public, private, non-government, and international organizations through the knowledge of agribusiness for the overall development of the global society.
  • To provide a pool of articles that are concerned with the economics of natural resource management and the production and distribution of food, fiber and bio-fuels.
  • To publish high profile articles that would challenge our readers to find rewarding careers in agriculture, rural development and natural resource/environmental policy.