Corporate Social Responsibility

At International Scholars Journals (ISJ), we strongly believe that organizations and the societies in which they do business are in a symbiotic relationship. This is why we have taken Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a core of our existence right from our inception.

Our aim is to be the best organization in the area of CSR. That is why we have an ISJ Helping Hand Programme through which we have initiated, developed and executed a good number of successful projects and sustainable initiatives.

As a publisher, we are fortunate to have employees who are actively engaged in all our CSR activities. This commitment has in no small measure impacted positively on our host communities and the society at large.

In order to continue to expand our scope, the next phase is to actively engage our vendors/clients in our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and efforts, hence giving them an opportunity to be involved with a publisher that is focused on giving back to the society.

While it is true that the government has a major role to play in fixing the myriad of problems in every community, we believe that private organizations and business enterprises can also partner with government in solving these problems. This is where we come in as an organization.

 Our CSR drive as an organization stands on a tripod:

  • The Environment
  • Education and Youth Empowerment
  • Health & Social Welfare

We believe that these are three key aspects of societal needs that we cannot afford to overlook. We have mechanisms in place and so many initiatives that are tailored towards meeting these needs. Our strong commitment to these needs explains why a significant part of our revenue as a publisher is committed towards supporting structures, initiatives and life-transforming projects. This belief has been the driving force behind our support for various initiatives over the years. To achieve this noble objectives, we:

  • Strive to reinforce strong, healthy community relations by identifying with host communities in activities that have meaning to them.
  • Maintain high standards of integrity in our relations with state governments and host communities.
  • Strive to play a leading role by identifying with and seeking solutions to the problems of society especially those in our immediate operational environments.

To keep you abreast of the milestones we have reached in the aforementioned areas, we have chosen to talk about some of these achievements in detail.

The Environment

Over the years, we have supported initiatives aimed at identifying and promoting the preservation, protection and beautification of the environment. This is executed on two fronts:

Environmental Beautification:

ISJ works in collaboration with public institutions – state and local governments – to create and maintain green parks in chosen locations.

Environmental Protection and Renewal:

ISJ supports environmental advocacy groups  as well as undertake green initiatives that assist the environment. We also subscribe to relevant international Accords and Protocols aimed at promoting sustainability, like the Equator Principles.

Education & Youth Empowerment

A literate populace is the bedrock for national development, hence we support initiatives that encourage education at all levels through several projects that enhance the quality and standard of education.

Health & Social Welfare

ISJ continues to support the cause of the less-privileged members of the community in their efforts to overcome disabilities and integrate with the larger society. We have worked with select groups like the Heart of Gold Hospices, African Cataract Foundation and the Sebeccly Cancer Care and Support Centre. Our strategy is to run a decentralised intervention scheme which ensures a national spread in the communities we support.

ISJ Helping Hands Programme

ISJ Helping Hands Programme is the anchor on which our social advocacy initiatives rest. We are lucky to have staff that are passionate about positively impacting our environment anywhere and everywhere we find ourselves.