International Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology

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International Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology ISSN 2326-7291 Vol. 9 (4), pp. 001-005, April, 2020. © International Scholars Journals

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Cutaneous infectious diseases in Tunisian adolescents

El Fekih Nadia, Aounallah-Skhiri Hajer2*, Ben Thabet-Dorbane Imen, Zéglaoui Faten, kamoun Mohamed Ridha and Fazaa Becima

1Department of Dermatology, Charles Nicolle Hospital, Tunis, Tunisia.

2Institut National De santé Publique, Tunis, Tunisia.

Accepted 17 January, 2020


Few studies have been completed in adolescent’s cutaneous diseases. The aim of this work is to assess the adolescent epidemiological profile of the cutaneous infectious diseases and its evolution between 1997 and 2007. We have performed a comparative retrospective study on all adolescent outpatients attending Charles Nicolle’s Hospital Dermatological Department on 1997 and 2007 and focused on cutaneous disease. The total number of outpatients was 9254 and 11343 on 1997 and 2007, respectively. Among this population, we counted 1155 teenagers on 1997 (12.4%) and 1176 teenagers on 2007 (10.63%). Comparatively, the results revealed that there were no significant differences in terms of age and gender between 1997 and 2007. For both years, the majority of cutaneous infections were of viral origin, followed by fungal dermatosis, bacterial dermatosis and finally parasitic dermatosis. We have noted a major modification in the skin infections profile: a decrease in bacterial skin diseases frequency (P < 10-3), and an increase in warts (P = 0.02) and scabies (P = 0.014). Meanwhile, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including venereal warts have also considerably increased especially in teenage females (P = 0.059).

Key words: Warts, adolescents, pityriasis vesicular.