Frontiers of Agriculture and Food Technology

ISSN 2736-1624

Frontiers of Agriculture and Food Technology ISSN: 2736-1624 Vol. 13 (1), pp. 001-006, January, 2023. © International Scholars Journals


Phytotoxicity of organophosphates with particular reference to triazophos in the agriculture of India- A review

Arshid Ahmad Khanday1 and H.S. Dwivedi2

1Lecturer, Govt. Degree College Kilam, Kulgam,

2Professor Govt. Madhav Science College Ujjain

Accepted 21 October, 2022


Agrochemicals are the basic and essential ingredients for guaranteed agricultural returns in the present cropping systems. Due to conducive tropical environment to the pest populations in India, pesticides become even more important. Among the dominant pesticides, organophosphates form a major group. They have been of immense use due to comparatively more threat from insect pests than weeds and fungi. Triazophos belongs to organophosphate group of pesticides and is widely used in the fields of soybean, rice, vegetables and cotton to control aphids, jassids, boll worms, leafminer, stem borer, leaf folder, girdle beetle etc. From the last decade there has been indiscriminate use of pesticides in the fields which resulted in residual toxicity to the succeeding non-resistant crops. The present review is an attempt to flag the known phytotoxic potential of triazophos to different crops in India.

Keywords: Triazophos pesticide, organophosphate phytotoxicity, persistence.