International Journal of Manures and Fertilizers

About IJMF

International Journal of Manures and Fertilizers ISSN 2331-4869 provides a viable outlet for the publication of articles in all areas related to manure and fertilizer. The journal aims to give an overview of the current developments and innovations in manures/fertilizers treatment technologies and to explore various valorisation strategies for manure, like energy production and nutrient recovery.

International Journal of Manures and Fertilizers stimulates the exchange of experiences between researchers and scientists on the policy measures taken for ensuring manure/fertilizer production, management and treatment.


  • Fertilising with manure & digestate treatment products
  • Product innovations and new markets for manure & digestate
  • Environmental impact of manure & digestate treatment
  • Process innovations in manure & digestate treatment
  • Energy production from manure
  • Animal waste products
  • Soil improvers
  • Organic fertilizers
  • Application and environmental risks of livestock manure
  • Antibiotics and Hormones in animal Manure



The journal is geared towards researchers, industry professionals, financial analysts, business consultants, trade press representatives, agricultural retailers, agronomists, engineers and government economists. Readers can expect to gain perspective on the outlook for agriculture and major fertilizer materials and inputs from industry experts.