African Journal of Pig Farming

Aims and scope

African Journal of Pig Farming ISSN 2375-0731 is an open access peer-reviewed international scientific journal in the field of pig science. It offers comprehensive information concerning genetics and breeding, physiology, reproduction, nutrition and feeds, technology, ethology and economics of pigs.

African Journal of Pig Farming accept manuscripts dealing with all the processes involved in raising and breeding of domestic pigs for food and sometimes for their skin. The objective of the journal is to publish peer-reviewed papers with a scope that encompasses the many domains of applied pig health and production, including the diagnosis, treatment, management, prevention and eradication of swine diseases, welfare & behavior, nutrition, public health, epidemiology, food safety, biosecurity, pharmaceuticals, antimicrobial use and resistance, reproduction, growth, systems flow, economics, and facility design.

The journal provides a platform for researchers, veterinary practitioners, academics, and students to share their work with an international audience.