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Full Length Research Paper

A study of socio-economic status of workers in the unorganized powerloom sector of West Bengal

Uttam Paul

Assistant Professor, Sreegopal Banerjee College, Bagati, Magra, Hooghly, W.B E Mail –[email protected]

Accepted 01 November, 2021


The powerloom industry is a weaving sector and an important segment of the decentralized cotton textile industry in India. Powerloom industry weaves grey cotton by power-operated machines or looms and works into a fabric with the help of warp in the form of beam and weft directly through bobbins. Beams come from processing mills and weft yarn from spinning mills. Powerloom industries are functioning the middle level work in the cloth production. According to the demand of time, powerloom industry in West Bengal has been classified as organized sector and small scale unorganized sector. Present study is concerned with only the socio economic status and development of workers engaged in small-scale powerloom sector of West Bengal. This sector contributes 63% of the total cloth production of the country and provides employment to about 48.15 lakh persons in India. In India, as a whole, the powerloom sector, among others, has been producing maximum cloth till today, but in West Bengal, the production of cloth by powerlooms occupies second position. This industry generates a number of employment opportunities. Further, the industry contributes a lot of revenues to the government exchequer. But, there is a lot of problems of the powerloom industry in West Bengal as well as of the workers engaged in the industry and until and unless these problems are solved, the overall improvement of the industry as well as the workers’ living conditions cannot be achieved.

Keywords: Socio economic status, Powerloom sector of west Bengal.