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Full Length Research Paper

The desalination of salt water destine to irrigation by electrodialysis and its effects on the germination, growth and seed yield of wheat ( Triticum durum Desf. Var. Karim)

S. El Malki1, R. El Habbani1, M. Tahaikt1, M. Zeraouli2 and A. Elmidaoui1*

1Laboratory of Separation Processes, Department of Chemistry, University Ibn Tofail, BP 1246 Kenitra, Morocco.

2Office Régional de la Mise en Valeur Agricole du Gharb Kenitra-Morocco.

Accepted 19 December, 2022


Morocco is characterised by a semi-arid climate and by unlimited conventional fresh water especially underground water. Electrodialysis experiment to desalinise water for irrigation was conduced on underground water from the north of Morocco. The effects of the use of desalted water on the germination and growth and seed yield of wheat were monitored to determine the best yield from use of desalted water for irrigation of wheat.

Key words: Electrodialysis, desalination, wheat, germination, production.