African Journal of Fisheries Science

Aims and Scope 

African Journal of Fisheries Science provides a medium for the publication of original and well supported ideas and findings on techniques, methodology and research findings from aquatic scientists, fishery economists and sociologists. AJFS publishes papers on limnology, oceanography, freshwater biology, marine biology, conservation, ecology, population dynamics, economics, management bioeconomics and fisheries law to attempt to provide an integrated picture of fisheries.  

Also, AJFS serves as a foundation for scientific advances across the broad spectrum of management and conservation issues related to the marine environment. Oceanography, marine habitats, living resources, and related management topics constitute the key elements of papers eligible for publication. Integrated studies that bridge gaps between traditional disciplines are particularly welcome. 

The scope of AJFS has been broadened to include economic, social, and public administration studies to the extent that they are directly related to management of the seas and are of general interest to marine scientists.


Fisheries oceanography, benthic organisms, fish, fisheries, marine biology, nekton, oceanography, plankton, marine environment, environmental biology, environmental science, conservation, aquatic ecology etc.