International Journal of Petroleum Engineering ISSN 5675-0715 Vol.  2 (2) pp. 065-070, February, 2015. © International Scholars Journals


Viewpoint of connecting related gas through natural gas hydrate (NGH) technology in Nigeria

Nwonsu Chijoke

Department of Petroleum Engineering, Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun, Effurun, Nigeria.


Accepted 18 January, 2015


Natural gas hydrate (NGH) technology is a feasible alternative to capture associated-gas, which are usually difficult to harness in the stranded and/or marginal oil field. The importance of gas hydrates is related to its potential to be able to contain about 160 Sm3 of gas and 0.85 m3 of water in 1 m3 of gas hydrate at standard temperature and pressure. This feature of natural gas hydrate can be brought to bear in harnessing associated gas instead of being flared. This article examines the prospect of natural gas hydrate (NGH) technology as a sustainable means of capturing associated gas from stranded and marginal oil field of the Niger Delta. Such gas is ordinarily being flared due to lack of adequate facilities to harnessing it. The conversion of associated-gas to hydrate will contributes to the elimination of flared gas and reduces the environmental pollution associated with gas flaring, and also increases government revenues from the monetized gas.

Key words: Natural gas hydrate, associated gas, gas flaring, hydrate slurry.