African Journal of Fisheries Science ISSN 2375-0715 Vol. 8 (4), pp. 001-004, April, 2020. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Regeneration of germlings and seedlings development from cauline leaves of Sargassum thunbergii

Feng Li1, Shoutuan Yu2, Yuze Mao1 and Naihao Ye1*

1Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Qingdao 266071, China.

2Hongdao Street Office of QingdaoChengyang District, China.

Accepted 18 March, 2020


A method of producing artificial Sargassum thunbergii seedlings is urgently desired to meet the increasing demand of raw materials used for aquaculture and for the sake of environmental protection. This is the first report of attempt to study the vegetative propagation of this species using cauline leaves under laboratory conditions. On average, 45.75% of the excised leaves survived and one leaf could produce several new individuals. Adventitious burgeons grew into branches about 2 mm in length after 3 months of culture. The new individuals were cutoff and could be used as seedlings for raft culture and seabed restoration after a further culture to elongate enough for hand-planting.

Key words: Sargassum thunbergii, artificial seedling, brown seaweed, cauline leaves.