African Journal of Food Science Research ISSN 2375-0723 Vol. 9 (9), pp. 001-003, September, 2021. © International Scholars Journals

Short Communication

Phytochemical screening on four edible legumes (Vigna subterranean, Glycine max, Arachis hypogea, and Vigna uniguiculata) found in eastern Nigeria

Mbagwu F. N.*, Okafor V. U. and Ekeanyanwu J.

Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology, Imo State University, Owerri, Nigeria.

Accepted 07 May, 2021


The results of the phytochemical screening carried out on the seeds of Vigna subterranea (Bambara groundnut), Glycine max (Soya beans), Arachis hypogea (Groundnut) and Vigna uniguiculata (Black eyed peas) showed the presence of useful phytonutrients. The results showed that V. subterranea contained the highest percentage of alkaloids (0.41%) while A. hypogea showed the lowest yield of alkaloid (0.25%). V. uniguiculata had the highest saponin content with (0.44%) while A. hypogea with the lowest (0.25%). The highest yield of flavonoids was found in V. uniguiculata with 0.33% while the lowest yield was obtained in A. hypogea with 0.18%. The highest phenols yield were obtained from V. subterranea with 0.36% while G. max showed the lowest with 0.26%. The percentage of tannins was highest in V. uniguiculata but lowest in A. hypogea. The results of the phytochemical screening on the four species of legumes were discussed in relations to their usefulness to mankind.

Key words: Bambara groundnut, soya beans, groundnut, black eyed peas, edible legumes, phytochemical screening, phytonutrients.