International Journal of Agricultural Sciences ISSN: 2167-0447 Vol. 12 (1), pp. 001-011, January, 2022. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Investigations on fertilization biology and description of fruit characteristics of some persimmon (Diospyros kaki) cultigens

Yasemin Evrenoso lu1*, Nihal Acarsoy2 and Adalet Misirli2

1Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Eski ehir Osmangazi University, 26480 Eski ehir, Turkey.

2Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Ege University Bornova, Izmir, Turkey.

Accepted 08 November, 2021


Persimmon is a fruit that has increasing importance on export and prefer to be consumed because its taste, nutrient content and appearance. It can be grown at different ecological conditions without discerning climate and soil. In this sense, it is important to encourage persimmon cultivation. Pollinators need to be used for a good fruit set on cultural varieties. In this study that prepared from this point of view, fertilization biology, phenological and pomological observations were performed on Hachiya and Fuji cultivars that pollinated with different male types in Ödemi / zmir-Turkey. Additionally, viability (TTC and IKI) and germination tests were carried out. Consequently, it was observed that fruit set increased when pollinators were used.

Key words: Persimmon, pollination, fruit characteristics, phenology, pomology.