International Journal of Petroleum and Gas Engineering

International Journal of Petroleum Engineering ISSN 5675-0715 Vol.  2 (3) pp. 099-103, March, 2015.  © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Sonic log examination in oil wells through Box and Jenkins methodology

*Jose M. Silva, Tais A. Ramos and Adolfo E. Coutinho

Department of Petroleum Engineering, Universidade Norte do Paraná, Londrina, Brazil.


Accepted 22 February, 2015


The sonic profile is used, mainly in exploration wells, which receive greater investment in data acquisition because these wells serve as a reference for analyzing the petroleum potential of the area. The sonic profile was introduced in the 50s, with the goal of providing support for seismic exploration, and subsequently became extensively used for studies on total porosity of the rocks traversed by the well. This paper aims to apply the use of Box-Jenkins methodology to analyze the sonic profile in the process of profiling an oil well. The data were provided by PETROBRAS/UO-SEAL, the analyzes were performed using the variable DT (delay time). The statistical software was used to meet the best ARIMA model fit, and was observed as the stationarity before and after modeling through the autocorrelation function and the partial autocorrelation function. The criterion for validation of the model was the MAPE (Mean Absolute Percentage Error). Several models were tested and found for the best model - the ARIMA (3, 1, 2) with MAPE of 4.68%.

Key words: Synthetic sonic log, time series, Box and Jenkins.