International Journal of Phytotherapy and Ethnobotany

International Journal of Phytotherapy and Ethnobotany ISSN 4536-1837 Vol. 2 (1), pp. 030-031, March, 2015. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Important  medicinal plants with Anti-cancer properties in Mahabubnagar district, Telangana State

Amina Mumtaz, Qamar Shajahan, S.Suresh and N. Ramamurthy*

Department of Botany, MVS Govt. UG & PG College, Mahabubnager -509 001 Telangana, India.


Accepted 30 January, 2015


The present paper documents revealed the traditional knowledge of medicinal plants that are used by the indigenous villagers residing in remote areas of Mahabubnagar district of household remedies. An ethno botanical survey was conducted to gather information about utilization of Plant resources for a treatment of cancer prevalent in tribal habitations of Mahabubnager district, Telangana state. In the present paper ten Plant species belongs to nine different families were used to treat in Cancer have been enumerated with vernacular names, scientific names, families, useful parts and habitats. These ten plant species were also used in ayurvedha, siddha, unani, homoeo and naturopathic medicines.

Key words: Medicinal plant, vernacular name, leaves, anti cancer, Mahabubnagar.