International Journal of Medical Sociology and Anthropology

International Journal of Medical Sociology and Anthropology ISSN 2756-3820 Vol. 12 (2), pp. 001-006, February, 2023. © International Scholars Journals


Potentially malignant lesion – oral leukoplakia

Prasanna Kumar Rao J

Associate Professor, Oral Medicine and Radiology, Yenepoya Dental College, Yenepoya University, University Road, Nithyananda Nagar Post, Mangalore – 575018, Karnataka, India Email:, Mobile: +91 9900151108

Accepted 06 September, 2022


Leukoplakia was considered as one of the premalignant lesion but now it was included under potentially malignant disorder. It is mainly associated with chewing and smoking tobacco habits. It has a risk of malignant transformation if the risk factors are not eliminated. In this review we discussed the classification, clinical features, malignant potential and various treatment modalities of oral Leukoplakia.

Keywords: Leukoplakia, Homogenous, Speckled.