International Journal of Manures and Fertilizers

International Journal of Manures and Fertilizers Vol. 3 (8), pp. 572-575 August, 2014. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Interaction between micro elements and macro elements with manure on barley feed yield and soil nutrient content in Sistan region

Ramah T. Mohammadi, Shahram G. Hatima and Radmehr P. R Arsham

Department of Plant and Crop Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tabriz, East Azarbaijan Province, Iran.  E-mail:

Accepted 28 July, 2014


In order to study the effect of interaction of ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ elements on soil chemical properties, grain yield and feed yield in barley, an experiment was conducted as split plot design on randomized complete block design with three replications in the research field of Zabol University 2009. The different proportions of manure and chemical fertilizer treatment were: 100% manure (F1), 100% chemical fertilizer (F2), 50% manure + 50% chemical fertilizer (F3) and control (F4) as the main plot and the use of micro nutrient elements treatments were: iron sulfate (N1), zinc sulfate (N2), manganese sulfate (N3) and control (N4) as sub plot in this experiment. Results show that the effect of different proportions of manure and chemical fertilizer treatment on grain yield, feed yield, and soil chemical properties were significant. Among soil chemical properties, pH decreased due to use of all fertilizer treatments (organic and inorganic fertilizer) and soil salinity increased due to consumption of chemical fertilizer. Micronutrient treatments had significant influence on this nutrition elements concentration and the use of iron sulfate, zinc sulfate and manganese sulfate caused increase of these elements in soil but these treatments had no influence on grain yield of barley.

Key words: Barley, feed yield, manure, soil nutrient.