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Case Report

Transient trifascicular block in severe hyperkalemia: A case report

AGARWAL Navnit, SINGH Anurag, GABA Ripudaman*, SHUKLA Ranjeet, AGARWAL Mandavi and JAISWAL Pankaj

Department of Medicine, MLB Medical College, Jhansi Uttar Pradesh, 284128, India.

Accepted 17 October, 2019


Hyperkalemia is a commonly encountered electrolyte abnormality that can significantly alter normal cardiac conduction. Potentially lethal dysrhythmias associated with hyperkalemia include complete heart block and Mobitz type II second-degree atrioventricular (AV) block. We report a case of trifascicular block, due to hyperkalemia. The patient's symptoms and electrocardiogram (ECG) evidence of trifascicular block resolved with lowering of serum potassium levels, with subsequent ECG showing left anterior hemiblock. This paper highlights an infrequently reported dysrhythmia associated with hyperkalemia that emergency physicians should be familiar with.

Key words: Hyperkalemia, trifascicular block, right bundle branch block, left anterior fascicular block, first degree AV block, isoprenaline, hemodialysis, emergency.