International Journal of Educational Research and Reviews

International Journal of Education Research and Reviews ISSN 2329-9843 Vol. 8 (7), pp. 001-005, July, 2020. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Drug dependence and abuse in Kenyan secondary schools: strategies for intervention

Lewis M. Ngesu1, Judah Ndiku2 and Alice Masese3

1University of Nairobi, Kenya. .

2Masinde Muliro University, Kenya.

3Kisumu Day secondary school, Kenya.

Accepted 18 October, 2019


There may have been a time when we in Kenyan considered the use or abuse of drugs as a problem relating only to Western world. Today it has become an African problem to the extend that a month hardly passes without media reports on large quantities of drugs having been intercepted in a number of African cities and towns. The results of the study indicated that students abused drugs for varied reasons and the commonly abused drugs were alcohol, bhang, miraa, tobacco and kuber. The study recommended that guidance and counseling in schools be enforced and that strict disciplinary measures be enforced by teachers to curb the vice. Policy makers should also focus their efforts on addressing administrative disparities of principal’s leadership capacities across urban, suburban and rural setting.

Key words: Drug addiction, drug abuse, substance abuse.