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International Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology ISSN 2169-3048 Vol. 10 (1), pp. 001-005, January, 2021. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

An Investigation on the antimicrobial activity of some endemic plant species from Turkey

Mehlika Benli1* Umit Bingol1, Fatmagul Geven1, Kerim Guney2 and Nazife Yigit3

1Ankara University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology, Ankara, Turkey

2Kastamonu University, Faculty of Forestry, Kastamonu, Turkey

3Kirikkale University, Faculty of Science and Arts, Department of Biology, Kirikkale, Turkey

Accepted 16 November, 2020


In this study performed on six endemic plant species, antimicrobial activity was observed in Campanula lyrata subsp.lyrata and Abies nordmanniana subsp. bornmuelleriana plants. The minimum inhibitory concentration of C. lyrata subsp. lyrata (leaf and flower) extract was found to be ≥ 29 mg/ml for Baccillus subtilis and  14.5 mg/ml for Staphylococcus aureus, and the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of Abies nordmanniana subsp. bornmuelleriana (leaf) extract was found to be > 314 mg/ml for B. subtilis and when minimum bacteriocidal concentration (MBC) results were evaluated, it was observed that the plant extracts had bacteriocidal effects. No antimicrobial activity was observed in the other plant extracts, namely, Onosma bornmuelleri (leaf- flower), Dianthus balansae (leaf- flower), Alyssum pateri subsp. pateri (seed) and Scabiosa columbaria subsp. paphlagonica (leaf) extracts that were tested.

Key words: Antimicrobial activity, endemic plants, plant extract.