International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

International Journal of Agricultural Sciences ISSN 2167-0447 Vol. 10 (10), pp. 001-003, October, 2020. © International Scholars Journals

Short Communication

Interrelationships among the oil and fatty acids in maize

Gül Ebru Orhun* and Kayihan Z. Korkut

Çanakale Onsekiz Mart University, Bayramiç Vocational College 17700, Çanakkale / Turkey.

Accepted 05 September, 2020


In this study, 28 F1 maize hybrids obtained by 8x8 half diallel crossing were used, in order for the interrelationships among the oil content and fatty acids to be determined by correlation analyses. The range values for oil content of hybrids varied between 3.34 to 4.95%. The results showed positive correlation meaningfully between most traits, and it showed that oleic acid has the most possitive correlation (r = 0.655**) with oil content.

Key words: Oil, corn, fatty acids, interrelationships, correlation coefficient.