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Full Length Research Paper 

Correlation and relationships between seed yield and other characteristics in chickpea (Cicer arietinum l.) cultivars under deterioration

Abbas Biabani1*, Mahnaz Katozi2, Mehdi Mollashahi1 Abdolghadir gharavi bahlake1 and Ameneh haji gholi khani1

1Department of Crop Production, Gonbad University, Iran.

2Department of Agronomy in Azad University of Tabriz, Iran.

Accepted 19 November, 2020


This study was done in  order to  evaluate the  relationships between  grain  yield  and  the other characteristics with two cultivars of chickpea (Hashem and Arman) in deterioration (0 (control), 7 and 14 days). The experiment was a factorial completely randomized design with 2 factors. It was conducted on a research farm at Gonbadekavoos High Education Center- Iran in 2009. At harvest time, height of the plants, filled and unfilled pods per plant, number of seeds per plant, plant dry weight and yield were measured. Results showed the yield had highly positive correlation with filled pod per plant (r = 0.96)) (p<0.01).  In Arman and Hashem cultivar, yield had highly correlation with seed number per plant (r = 0.95) (p<0.01) Dependence of seed yield to height was great with deterioration 14 days; and the correlation coefficient between filled pod number and height after 7 days deterioration was significantly (P<0.01) negative (r = -0.95) (P<0.01) but it was of greater magnitude in 14 days deterioration (r = 0.79) (P<0.01).

Key words: Chickpea, correlation, deterioration, relationship, yield.