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Full Length Research Paper

Chemical extracts of leaves and buds of clove (Syzigium caryophyllatum (L.) Alston) obtained from trees grown in Bangladesh

Md. Nazrul Islam Bhuiyan1*, Jaripa Begum1, Nemai Chandra Nandi1 and Farhana Akter2

1Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research BCSIR Laboratories, Chittagong; P.O.B Chittagong Cantonment, Chittagong-4220, Bangladesh.
2Home Economics College, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Accepted 19 November, 2020


Essential oil obtained by hydrodistillation from fresh leaves and dry buds of Syzigium caryophyllatum were analyzed by Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS). Thirty eight components were identified in the leaf oil. The main components were eugenol (74.3%), eucalyptol (5.8%), caryophyllene (3.85%) and a-cadinol (2.43%). Thirty one components were identified in bud oil with the main components being eugenol (49.7%), caryophyllene (18.9%), benzene,1-ethyl-3-nitro (11.1%) and benzoic acid,3-(1-methylethyl) (8.9%). The clove oil from Bangladesh was found to be comparable in terms of its eugenol content. It is suggested that clove can be grown as an economically viable crop in Bangladesh.

Key words: Syzygium caryophyllatum, bud and leaf oils, essential oil composition, GC-MS, eugenol.