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Full Length Research Paper

A study of the characteristics of tree biomass resource in tribal village ecosystem of Bolangir District, Orissa, India

Sarada P. Mohapatra1* and Hara P. Sahoo2

1Botany Department, Samanta Chandra Sekhar (S.C.S) College, Puri, India.

2Botany Department, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, India.

Accepted 13 November, 2020


The status of tree biomass resource was investigated in 3 tribal villages (Chikalbahal, kudasingha and Bhutiyarbahal) of Bolangir District of western Orissa. There were 57 tree species with 12 tree capita-1 and 35 trees ha-1. Multiple benefits yielding local tree species dominated the village ecosystem, while fuel only or single end use trees accounted for a small proportion of trees. The standing tree biomass was adequate to meet the requirements of the biomass fuel for cooking only for five years. Village tree biomass is presently being depleted largely for export to urban areas. So, it is high time to conserved the village tree diversity by proposing some programmes which will reduce the urban pressure and demand for tree biomass.

Key words: Village tree diversity, standing biomass, tree depletion, fuel wood, local name, India, biomass equation.