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Morphological study of cutaneous ligaments

Anjali S. Sabnis

K.J. Somaiya Medical College and Hospital, Sion, Mumbai -400022, Maharashtra, India.

*Corresponding author. Email:

Accepted 04 February, 2013


The cutaneous ligaments of phalanges of palm and foot are fine and sender fibrous strips running from tendon sheath to skin over phalanges. Different opinions regarding cutaneous ligaments have created interest to find out the structure of them. By keeping aim in the mind to study ligaments in relation to attachment, thickness, length and histological structure, a study was conducted on 80 digits of 8 cadavers. These ligaments are running in relation to ventral and dorsal aspect of the digital nerve from tendon sheath to the skin. Attachment of the ligaments to the skin is suggestive of stabilization of skin during movements. The morphological data of cutaneous ligaments will be helpful in surgical implication of Duputren’s Contracture, replantation and revascularization of the digit. Thus clinical significance of cutaneous ligaments has attracted vascular surgeons in microsurgery of hand.

Key words: Cutaneous ligaments, Cleland’s ligament, Grayson’s ligaments, Duputren’s contracture.