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Full Length Research Paper                       

Data Mining Roles in Extracting the Knowledge                                                                                                      

Eissa Mohammed Ali Qhall & Mohammed Saleh Altowairqi2                                                                                                            

1Jazan University - Applied College - Saudi Arabia.

2Information science, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia.

Accepted 12 December, 2022


The data is everything, the data mining is the process of acquiring data from a huge dataset or a database, it can be any source. The knowledge extraction is part of data mining, after acquiring data, the knowledge is acquired through successive completion of other steps like cleaning and integration of data, selection, transformation, pattern evaluation and knowledge extraction. The motive of the research is to summarize the existing researches and studies on the role of data mining in the process of knowledge extraction. To identify the research papers, the author conducted a rigorous data collection from all the resources. The researcher accessed many research papers from various publishers, and found some relevant studies such as data mining and analytics in the process industry, the role of machine learning, combining web data extraction and data mining techniques to discover knowledge, role of data mining techniques, a review on knowledge extraction for business operations using data mining, applying data mining techniques for descriptive phrase extraction in digital document collections and data mining techniques and application. The study reveals the motive, algorithms and their uses, findings, scope of the studies of the recent studies and how these studies are used.

Keywords: Data mining, Knowledge extraction, algorithms, analysis, extraction, data mining techniques.