African Journal of Water Conservation and Sustainability

African Journal of Water Conservation and Sustainability ISSN: 2375-0936 Vol. 7 (3), pp. 001-010, March, 2019. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Water resources management for agricultural growth in dry lands in developing countries

Mukole Kongolo

CENTRUM Católica, Business School, Pontificia Universidad CatólicadelPerú. Calle Daniel Alomía Robles 125 – 129, Los Alamos de Monterrico, Santiago de Surco, Lima 33 – Perú. E-mail:

Accepted 21 October, 2018


Water resources are critical for human consumption, agriculture and industrial development. They have been and will remain very important commodities for human survival and economic development. Addressing water resources management requires action at the local, national and international levels. The need to provide all people with adequate supplies of clean water is becoming a more challenging task. The need for water increases with increase in population, food production and the level of economic activities. A lack of water inhibits socio- economic development and economic progress. As economic development and population growth are taking an increasing toll on water resources in each and every country, water resources management becomes even more critical. High prices of water remains of concern in most developing countries as the majority of households are poor. This study explores issues related to water resources management for both human consumption and economic growth in developing countries, using secondary information obtained through a document methods study. The examination of such information assists in looking at water resources management in developing countries, holistically.

Key words: Water resources, management, agricultural growth, dry lands, developing countries.