African Journal of Water Conservation and Sustainability

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Full Length Research Paper

Classification of transmissivity magnitude and variation in calcarious soft rocks of Bhaskar Rao Kunta Watershed, Nalgonda District, India

K. Srinivasa Reddy

ICAR-Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabd-59, India.

Accepted 2 July, 2013


Pumping test was used for the appraisal and evaluation of groundwater potential and design of well. Pumping tests of the calcarious sedimentary rocks of Bhaskar Rao kunta watershed area were carried out for twenty five selected bore wells for quantitative understanding of the groundwater for crop water requirement and groundwater use efficiency. The tests were carried out independently for short duration under constant rate conditions. The acquisition of the drawdown data was interpreted by Jacob straight line method. The results of transmissivity vary from 2.67 to 236.9 m2/day with mean of 37 m2/day, whereas the specific capacity varies from 5.47 to 451.63 m3/d/m with a mean of 76 m3/d/m. Spatial variation of transmissivity values was further analyzed using statistical testing and Krasny’s classification systems; from the results of the statistical testing, 72% of the wells were under covered background transmissivity anomalies; 12% under positive anomalies; 8%, negative anomalies and remaining 8%, positive extreme anomalies. From the results of Krasny’s classification system, 12% of the wells was under high magnitude (withdrawals of lesser regional importance), 40% of wells was under intermediate magnitude (withdrawals for local water supply), 48% was under low magnitude (smaller withdrawals for local water supply) and 100% of the wells was under covered moderate variations (fairly heterogeneous hydrogeological environment). Spatial variation of transmissivity magnitude and variation was identified as best useful in management practices.

Key words: Transmissivity, magnitude, variation, statistical testing, Krasny’s classification.