African Journal of Parasitology Research

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Accepted 21 August, 2023


Title: Molecular Epidemiology of Malaria: Insights into Transmission Dynamics



Amanda Martinez, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.


Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by the Plasmodium parasite and transmitted through the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes. It remains a major global health concern, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions. Molecular epidemiology, a field that combines molecular biology and epidemiology, has provided valuable insights into the transmission dynamics of malaria. This article aims to explore the advancements in molecular epidemiology techniques and their contributions to understanding the transmission dynamics of malaria.

Keywords: malaria, molecular epidemiology, transmission dynamics, Plasmodium parasite, Anopheles mosquitoes.