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Full Length Research Paper

An appraisal of the Abura Field

Aigbedion I and S.E Iyayi

Department of Physics/Geophysics Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Edo State p.m.b 14.

Accepted 10 October, 2021


Petrophysical analysis was carried out for all the identified hydrocarbon intervals, from the four wells studied in the Abura Field using suites of geophysical well logs. From the analysis of the geological logs comprising gamma-ray, spontaneous potential, electrical resistivity, neutron and density logs, the total porosity in the hydrocarbon bearing zone was found to range from 18.0% to 28.0% and the water saturation range from 16.0 to 54.0%. Good well-to-well lithologic correlation was established across the fields studied .The researcher found that the bulk of the hydrocarbon encountered in the Niger Delta basin was found to be within a depth range of 2510.0-3887.0 m. The hydrocarbon reservoirs were found to be in the Agbada formation, which is in conformity with the geology of the Niger Delta, Nigeria. This study was carried out to find out if the petrophysical parameters computed in the field will encourage deeper drilling in the area of study.

Key words: Resistivity, Lithologic correlation, Reservoir, Hydrocarbon, Porosity, Water saturation.