African Journal of Gender and Women Studies

African Journal of Gender and Women Studies Vol. 5 (6), pp. 001-007, June, 2020. © International Scholars Journals


African Women/Girls and HIV/AIDS: The Issue of Justice

Emmanuel Adu Addai

Doctoral Candidate, Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics Loyola University Chicago Strict School of Medicine 2160 S. First Avenue Maywood, IL 60153

Accepted 03 June, 2020


Ethics in the social, cultural, political, or economic contexts govern the behavior of individuals to attain the goal of the well-being of individuals. Meanwhile, in some societies characterized by gender biases, these moral principles may be absent. Severe consequences to a minor group describe their absence. The alarming number of cases of HIV/AIDS infections in sub-Saharan Africa among women and girls have raised many questions. This paper aims to address the issue of gender-related injustices as the primary cause of the situation. Most of the countries in the region are characterized by aspects such as patriarchal systems, polygamy, and early child marriage, which affect women and girls significantly. Meanwhile, various stakeholders are called upon to intervene and offer remedies to the situation by applying ethical principles. Such interventions include prevention, educational, and vocational training programs. However, these interventions should encompass ethical principles to sustain and promote the well-being of marginalized groups, in this case, women and girls.

Keywords: HIV/AIDS Prevention, Sub-Saharan Africa, Justice.