African Journal of Food Science Research

African Journal of Food Science Research Vol. 2 (2), pp. 051-058, February, 2014. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

The impact of rural Agricultural development projects on agricultural products in preferred area of Benin

Kashez Asiamah, Awuah Nulty and Kubby J.

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University for Development Studies, Tamale, Ghana.


Accepted 22 January, 2014


In this study, data collected from 120 rural households located in two distinct socio-cultural locales of Benin was used to assess the impact of 20 development projects on agricultural productivity. A ‘with-without’ approach of impact evaluation is followed using ANOVA and econometric regressions. Results reveal no significant differences of projects on agricultural productivity between participants in the two study zones. Econometric regression estimates show significantly positive impacts on agricultural productivity for two selected project indicators in the two study zones. However, the goal achievement index was more remarked in the Adja area, where the projects were found to have better addressed development problems and provided higher impact. The results suggest the need to improve management of agricultural projects to enhance their impact. Likewise, objectives and activities of the projects should be oriented to deal better with development problems of rural people, in particular those of the poorest and marginalized communities.

Key words: Productivity, rural projects, impact, Benin.