African Journal of Food Science Research

African Journal of Food Science Research ISSN 2375-0723 Vol. 10 (2), pp. 001-005, February, 2022. © International Scholars Journals


Kolanut production, processing and marketing in the South-eastern states of Nigeria

E. U. Asogwa*, A. H. Otuonye, F. C. Mokwunye, K. A. Oluyole, T. C. N. Ndubuaku and E. O. Uwagboe

Kola Programme Research, Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Accepted 11 July, 2021


Kolanut is an important economic crop in the South Eastern region of Nigeria. However, there were no contiguous kola plantations in the South East, rather each homestead has about 2 to 15 kola trees scattered around the backyard. The land tenure system was observed to be the major constraint to kola production in large scale in the South East. Other limiting factors were poor nutrient status of the South Eastern soils, which have been heavily leached; the long gestation period of kola tree; the characteristic low yield of the crop; various pests, diseases and weeds (epiphytes) ravaging the plant. The non-inclusion of kolanut in the list of graded items for exportation by the Federal Government of Nigeria also contributes to its low production and marketing. Traditional methods of production, processing, storage and marketing peculiar to the South East are discussed.

Key words: Kolanut, production, processing, management, marketing.