Advanced Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

Advanced Journal of Environmental Science and Technology ISSN 7675-1686 Vol. 11 (4), pp. 001-008, April, 2020. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Hydrodynamic characterization of the Paleocene aquifer in the coastal sedimentary basin of Togo

Gnazou M. D. T.1*, Bawa L. M.1, Banton O2 and Djaneye-Boundjou G1

1Laboratoire de Chimie de l’Eau, Faculté Des Sciences, Université de Lomé, B.P 1515, Lomé, Togo,

2Laboratoire d’Hydrogéologie, Université d’Avignon et des Pays du Vaucluse, France.

Accepted 15 September, 2019


The intense exploitation of shallow aquifers in the coastal basin of Togo provokes a rapid depletion of these reservoirs. The confined paleocene aquifer represents potential reserves that are yet little exploited. This paper presents the hydrodynamic characterization of this aquifer. Piezometric data established from 80 wells fluctuate between 1.17 and 3.42 m; and demonstrate the effect of pumping on groundwater level with a depression located in South-West of the study area. Major fluctuations higher than 2 m, are observed in some wells located in the North of the basin. These are a result of the recharging of the Paleocene by the shallow aquifer of the Continental terminal in the North of the basin where the two aquifers are in contact.

Key words: Water table, aquifer, Paleocene, fluctuations, Togo.