African Journal of Ecology and Ecosystems

African Journal of Ecology and Ecosystems ISSN: 2756-3367 Vol. 9 (8), pp. 001-008, August, 2022. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Biodiversity of few Indian charophyte taxa based on molecular characterization and construction of phylogenetic tree

Deepika Abrol* and S. K. Bhatnagar

Department of Biotechnology, Bareilly College, Bareilly 243 005 India.

Accepted 28 June, 2022


The world charophyte flora suffered reshuffling in the taxonomic status of many taxa on the basis of certain morphological characters. Large numbers of species were reduced to the status of subspecies, variety or forma while some distant species were merged together. In this study, molecular characteristics such as band frequency, RAPD polymorphism, genetic identity index or similarity index, band sharing frequency and genetic distance within and in between Chara and Nitella were evaluated. With the help of scorable bands, range of molecular sizes was recorded in amplified products of 12 charophyte taxa by using five random primers. This investigation requires further elaboration to reach a definite conclusion.

Key words: Chara, Nitella, Charophyta, molecular characterization.