African Journal of Ecology and Ecosystems

African Journal of Ecology and Ecosystems ISSN: 2756-3367 Vol. 9 (8), pp. 001-006, August, 2022. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

A rapid PCR based method to distinguish between Enterococcus species by using degenerate and species-specific sodA gene primers

Farid Bensalah1*, Maria-José Flores2 and Aziz Mouats3

1Faculté des Sciences, Département de Biologie, LMA (Laboratoire de Microbiologie Appliquée), Université Es-Sénia, Oran 31000, Algérie.

2INRA-UEPSD, CRJ bat440, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Domaine de Vilvert, 78352 Jouy en Josas CEDEX, France.

3Faculté des Sciences, Département des Sciences Agronomiques, LPAA, Université de Mostaganem, 27000 Algérie .

Accepted 6 July, 2022


Thirty of thirty-seven cocci isolates from traditional 36 h-old fermented goat’s raw milk were characterised phenotypically and genotypically in order to assess the biodiversity within this wild microbiol population. Selective SB media, genus and species- specific tests, based on the manganese-dependent superoxide dismutase A encoding gene sodA, were used for the identification of enterococci species. All 30 isolates were characterised at strain level and 28 of them could be identifyed as belonging to the genus Enterococcus. In addition, by using Efm1/Efm2, Efs1/Efs2 and Eh1/Eh2 primers, ten different genotypes were recognised. Enterococcus faecium was the dominant biotype followed by E. faecalis. The results suggest that wild bacterial populations should be preserved in order to protect the traditional lactic fermentation and for product innovation.

Key words: sodA, PCR, enterococci, genus primer, species-specific primer, fermented milk, Enterococcus.