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The Inhibition Effect of Thyme and Coriander Essential Oils on of Campylobacter Jejuni and Some of Their Virulence Genes on Chicken Burger and Chicken Shawerma Products

Nagwa Thabet Elsharawy

Biology Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Jeddah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Dept. of Food Hygiene, Faculty of Vet. Med., New Valley Branch, Assiut University, Egypt Author’s Email:

Accepted 10 August, 2022


Microbial food-borne illness are widespread around the world. Campylobacter jejuni considering one of the most common contaminant of chicken meat products. This study aimed to; evaluate the uses of (coriander and thyme) extracts (EOs) in different methods when added to the popular chicken meat products; chicken burgers and chicken shawerma and storage at 4±1 °C for 14 days against C. jejuni pathogenicity such as; (Iam) and (virB11)virulence genes.100 grams of dried leaves and seeds of coriander and thyme water extracted. C. jejuni, (Iam) and (virB11) were collected, enrichment to determine antimicrobial activity by sensitivity test of thyme and coriander EOs compared with ciprofloxacin. 7 kilograms of chicken (burger and shawerma) mixed with 1%,2%,3% concentrations of coriander or/and thyme and control samples. Results revealed that negative effect of EO against C. jejuni, with 2cm inhibition zone around the disc immersed by 3% thyme EO and 4 cm inhibition zone around mixture of coriander and thyme Eos disc. The higher level of C. jejuni were observed on control (untreated) different chicken samples then C. jejuni and(Iam & VirB11) genes level decreased gradually from 1% conc. Until reach the highest inhibition effect on 3% thyme EO treated. The mixture between both types of EOs 3% concentration. The effect was nearly similar on both types of chicken products (chicken burger & chicken shawerma). In conclusion, this survey revealed that thyme and coriander EOs mixture can be used to stop the growth of campylobacter jejuni and some C. jejuni (Iam & VirB11)virulence genes as Gram –ve bacteria especially in high concentration in vitro conditions and may be suitable for preventing the foodborne disease especially in highly perishable food. Further research needed for study and enhancement the application of other herbs essential oils.

Keywords:  Natural preservatives, VirB11, Chicken meat, food poisoning, Thyme, Sensitivity Test.