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African Journal of Agriculture ISSN 2375-1134 Vol. 7 (9), pp. 001-009, September, 2020. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Systematic studies (morphology, anatomy and palynology) of economically viable grass BRACHIARIA MUTICA  (Forsskil) Stapf in Eastern India

Saurav Dwari and Amal Kumar Mondal*

Plant Taxonomy, Biosystematics and Molecular Taxonomy Laboratory, Department of Botany and Forestry, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore-721 102, West Bengal, India.

Accepted 03 March, 2020


Poaceae is the one of the largest family among the monocotyledons in the world. Plants of this family are very frequent like other grasses. BRACHIARIA MUTICA, an economically important plant is considered as one of the best tropical grass for general purposes. The species were commonly used as green foliage, grazing and local resources for animal fodder. The present study deals with few systematic parameters viz. morphology, anatomy, palynology of B. MUTICA which is commonly known as para grass in Eastern India. The result showed some distinct morphological and anatomical as well as palynological characters. All the detailed systematic study of this plant has not worked earlier.

Key words: Brachiaria mutica, morphology, anatomy, palynology, economically viable, Eastern India.