International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Short Communication     

Training for providing abortions in Kerala, India: Evidence from a recent survey of obstetric and gynecology professionals

Sunita Chowdhury

Independent Consultant, Public Health, Raj Villa Apartment, Flat no.: 301, 3rd floor, Plot no: 125, Sector: 18A, Nerul- West, Navi Mumbai- 400706, Maharashtra, India. Tel: +91 8879335645. E-mail:

Accepted 18 December, 2015


This brief emphasises that the law on abortion in India will have to specify required skills instead of professional qualifications as it currently does to ensure better access to abortion for women.  It was based on a cross sectional survey among 106 randomly selected obstetrics and gynaecology professionals (OGPs) in two southern districts of Kerala state, India.  Abortion in India has been legalised under certain conditions specified in the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act 2003.  This survey found that four out of the 106 OGPs had not undergone specific training to perform MTPs as part of their graduate training.  However, the act permits professionals with graduate training to provide MTPs.  This raises a concern regarding providers’ ability to offer abortion services to women. 

Key words: Legal, abortion, induced, dilatation, evacuation, providers, training, India.