International Journal of Neuroscience and Behavioral Health

International Journal of Neuroscience and Behavioral Health Vol. 2 (1), pp. 046-051, January, 2015.  © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

 Psychiatric Disorders and Symptoms in seizure cases alluded to psychiatric out-patient administration

Gyanendra S. Tulsi

Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Health Sciences, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal.


Accepted 30 December, 2014


Epilepsy and seizure disorders affect more than 1% adult population. Associated psychiatric problems are reported to increase and worsen the morbidity. In Nepalese context of scant data, this study was conducted to sort-out psychiatric symptomatology and disorders among psychiatry out-patient seizure patients. This hospital-based descriptive study analyzed 100 consecutive seizure patients visiting a psychiatric out-patient service in a 1-year period. Seizure diagnosis was as per clinical evidence and electroencephalography (EEG) findings; psychiatric symptomatology was checked and rated with the help of ‘Brief psychiatric rating scale’ (BPRS) and psychiatric diagnoses were made according to ‘International Classification of Diseases: ICD-10’. In this study, 51% subjects were male. Forty-two patients had family history of significant illness, including seizure in 15% and psychiatric illness in 19%. Forty five percent had ICD-10 diagnosis of ‘mental and behavioural disorders’ and all, including the ramaining 55% had significant psychopathology. Mood (mainly depression) and anxiety disorders were the most common psychiatric co-morbidities. The most common BPRS items (besides seizure and related) were: somatic, mood, psychotic, hostility and anxiety symptoms. Hence, seizure may manifest with various psychopathology mainly: somatic, mood, psychotic, hostility and anxiety besides seizure-related (for example disorientation and motor) symptoms. A number of psychiatric disorders, mainly depression co-occur in seizure.

Key words: Epilepsy, mental illness, psychiatric symptoms, seizure.