International Journal of Management and Business Studies

International Journal of Management and Business Studies ISSN 2167-0439 Vol. 7 (1), pp. 414-421, January, 2017. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Effects of product placement advertisements

Lee Puyi Wong

College of Communication, Fujian Normal University, China. 

Accepted 20 December, 2016


This paper uses natural experiment to explore effects of product placement advertisements. Results shows (Experimental Film: A Sigh): Buick and Bank of China are different in terms of main effect of brand awareness. It is the same as in terms of consumer’s value. In terms of interaction between two brands, results are different. This paper provides reasonable procedures to test effects and tells us what kind of consumer’s value is effective for product placement advertisements.

Key words: Brand awareness, consumer’s value, product placement advertisements, effects.