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Full Length Research Paper

Effect of IBA concentrations on the rooting of pomegranate (punica granatum L.) cv. ganesh hardwood cuttings under mist house condition

Krishan Kumar Singh

Department of Horticulture, Chauras Campus, HNB Garhwal Central University, Srinagar (Garhwal) 246174, Uttarakhand, India.


Accepted 14 March, 2014


The experiment site was conducted under mist chamber at Horticulture Research Center, HNB Garhwal Central University, Chauras Campus Srinagar (Garhwal), Uttarakhand, India, situated in the Alaknanda valley at 300 13’ 25.26’’ N and 780 48’ 04.93’’ E and 563 m above mean sea level. The average temperature and relative humidity inside the mist house during experiment was 30+3 0C and 77+5%, respectively. The soil temperature measured was around 25+2 0C.  The hardwood cuttings of Punica granatum L. cultivar Ganesh were collected from healthy vigorous shoots of 4-6 year old plants. For preparing rooting media one part sandy soil and one part of FYM were mixed thoroughly. The stem cuttings of Punica granatum L. treated with IBA solutions of different concentrations i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5g.L-1 and control by quick dip method. The experiment was replicated thrice with 10 cuttings in each treatment. A total of 180 cuttings were tested. Among all the treatments, maximum number of sprouted cuttings (7.33), average length of sprout (20.53 cm), average number of leaves (25.33), percentage of rooted cutting (73.33), number of primary roots (29.26), and average length of roots (24.88 cm) was noticed in 5g.L-1 concentration of IBA.

Keywords: Punica granatum L., stem cutting, IBA, rooting percentage.