International Journal of Agricultural Economics and Extension

About IJAEE 

International Journal of Agricultural Economics and Extension ISSN 2329-9797 is a peer-reviewed, open access journal which aims to publish articles in all areas of agricultural economics, agricultural extension, agricultural education and rural development. IJAEE   aim to cover the economics of agriculture in its broadest sense, from food consumption and nutrition to land use and the environment, at every scale of analysis from households to markets and the macro-economy.  

Aims and Scope

International Journal of Agricultural Economics and Extension aims to disseminate the most important research results and policy analyses .  Topical coverage ranges from consumption and nutrition to land use and the environment, at every scale of analysis from households to markets and the macro-economy.  Applicable methodologies include econometric estimation and statistical hypothesis testing, optimization and simulation models, descriptive reviews and policy analyses.  We particularly encourage submission of empirical work that can be replicated and tested by others.

The purpose of IJAEE is to provide a forum for scholarship in agricultural economics, extension, rural development and resource economics including topics concerning: agri-food, agri-business, the environment and natural resource uses. IJAEE publishes a range of theoretical, applied and policy-related articles.

This journal is exceptional in that it focuses on the economics of agri-food and renewable resource related issues. Examples of the topics that have been addressed in recent issues of the journal include: agro-climatic conditions and regional technical inefficiencies in agriculture; the value of dairy quota under a commercial export milk program; earnings mobility of rural versus urban workers; information, incentives and institutions in the agri-food sector; economic analysis of ground water quality; wetland conservation; and economic issues surrounding wildlife management.

IJAEE aims to present high-quality research in a forum that is informative to a broad audience of agricultural and applied economists, including those both inside and outside academia, and those who are not specialists in the subject matter of the articles. In addition, AJAEE publishes articles focusing on the synthesis and integration of applied research and on future research agenda. The journal will accept for publication from prospective author(s), manuscripts that are relevant to the area of focus of the journal. 

The journal covers a variety of topics which are as follows:

  • Agricultural economic theory and policy
  • Agricultural market
  • Agricultural R&D and extension
  • Employment
  • Labor use and migration
  • Rural sociology
  • Development of rural non-agricultural industries
  • Resource economics
  • Environment protection
  • Agricultural lending and credit issues
  • Microfinance and microcredit
  • Risks affecting agriculture and agribusiness
  • Agricultural sociology
  • Extension administration and supervision
  • Programme planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Diffusion and adoption of innovations
  • Extension communication models and strategies
  • Extension research and methodological issues
  • Home economics
  • Extension youth programme
  • Women-in-agriculture
  • Extension and the environment


The journal covers research on agricultural economics with relation to other fields such as statistics, marketing, politics, and business management as well as history and sociology and the environment.



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