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Case Report

Vitamin C deficiency and purpuric hyperkeratotic skin lesions in the elderly: What relationship? A clinical case report

Binan Yves*, Konan N’guessan, Acko Ubrich, Kaba Ibrahima, Bita Darius, Adom Hilaire And Toutou Toussaint

 Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, University Hospital Center (UHC)-Treichville, Abidjan- Cote d’Ivoire.

*Corresponding author Email: Tel/fax : +22507903060//+22549344288  

Accepted 22 March, 2017


Gingival bleeding and dental heaving during scurvy are the most reported in the literature. However nonspecific isolated purely cutaneous manifestations due to hypovitaminosis C are not uncommon. Their incidence increases with age related decrease in microcirculation of the skin causing trophic disorders observed in the skin extremities in the elderly. We report the case of an elderly vascular poly 73 years whose examination of the extremities showed purpuric hyperkeratotic lesions. The various complementary examinations for different diagnostic hypotheses have helped to spread a disease of cholesterol emboli, systemic vasculitis and retain low vitamin C after dosing incidentally the serum ascorbic acid. The disappearance of these skin lesions after two weeks of supplementation with vitamin C orally confirms the diagnosis. The appearance of mucocutaneous lesions in geriatric subject to high risk of atherosclerosis and living in unfavorable socio-economic conditions must take the clinician to look for low vitamin C and titrate the serum ascorbic acid.

Keywords: Hypovitaminosis C, Serum ascorbic acid, purpuric hyperkeratotic lesions, elderly atherosclerosis.