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Full Length Research Paper

Prevalence of anemia in the diabetic elderly: Clinical correlation and comorbidities

Binan Yves, Konan Michel, Acko Ubrich, I.F.Kaba, Ouattara Rokia, Menouhan Bagnon, Toutou Toussaint

Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, University Hospital Center (UHC)-Treichville, Abidjan-Côte d’Ivoire.

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Accepted 23 October, 2017


This was a prospective, cross-sectional study with descriptive and analytical purpose that was carried out over a twelve-month period. A sample of 181 diabetic elderly was selected. Data were collected in the Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at the Treichville University Hospital, using a survey form coupled with standardized geriatric assessment (SGA) cards. The parameters of anemia and diabetes were quantified and assessed. The comparison of the qualitative variables was done using the Chi² test and a P≤0.05 value considered to be significant. The prevalence of anemia is very high in the population of the elderly with diabetes (79.56%). We find a male predominance with a proportion of 60.77%, and a sex ratio of 1.54. The type of anemia was dominated by microcytic hypochromic anemia and macrocytic normochronic anemia, both with the same proportion of 42.36%. Factors in correlation with anemia were renal failure The most common risk factor was hypertension (72.92%) while the specific comorbidities of the elderly were malnutrition (40.88%), depression (72.38%) and cognitive impairment (69.61%).This study allowed us to know the prevalence of anemia, the correlations and the comorbidities commonly observed in the diabetic elderly.

Keywords: Elderly people, diabetes, anemia, standardized Geriatric assessment, correlation.