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Corrosion behaviour of metals in artificial saliva in presence of spirulina powder

S. Rajendran1*, J. Paulraj1 and P. Rengan2

1Servite College of Education, Thogaimalai- 621 313, Tamilnadu, India 2Department of Chemistry, Yadava College Co-educational, Madurai, ndia.

*Corresponding author. E-mail:

Accepted 11 April, 2013


Corrosion resistance of three metals namely, SS 316L, mild steel (MS) and mild steel coated with zinc (MS-Zn) has been evaluated in artificial saliva in the absence and presence of spirulina. Potentiodynamic polarization study and AC impedance spectra have been used to investigate the corrosion behaviour of these metals. The order of corrosion resistance of metals in artificial saliva, in the absence and also in the presence of spirulina was SS 316L > MS > MS-Zn.

Key words: Artificial saliva, corrosion, metals, spirulina, dentistry, oral hygiene.