African Journal of Breast Cancer

African Journal of Breast Cancer ISSN 3258-329X Vol. 2 (11), pp. 135-141, November, 2015. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Epidemiological, clinical and histological profile of breast cancers in Internal Medicine department at the National Teaching Hospital (NTH) Hubert  Koudougou Maga (HKM) of Cotonou/Benin

AZON-KOUANOU Angèle1, ZANNOU Djimon Marcel1, AGBODANDE Kouessi Anthelme1, MOUSSA Balkissa1, SEHONOU Jean, ADE Gabriel1, HOUNGBE Fabien1

1Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology, in the National Teaching Hospital “Hubert Koutoukou Maga” (NTH / HKM) of Cotonou / Benin.

Corresponding Author. Email: Tel. (00 229) 97 99 78 50.

Accepted 10 November, 2015


In Internal Medicine Department at the National Teaching Hospital of Cotonou, breast cancer accounted for 14.58% of cancer pathologies. The average patients age was 47.26 years with extremes ranging from 26 to 72 years. The administration of cancer chemotherapy was the most common reason for admission (20 cases), followed by the exploration of a breast nodule, asthenia and dyspnea. The consultation period after breast self-examination of a nodule was ≥ 3 months (31.25%). The inflammatory nature of breast (13 cases) was the most frequent suspicious clinical signs followed by draw back and breast ulceration. Histology was performed in 28 cases and objectively revealed in 85.36% cases ductal carcinoma. Cancers revealed to be at metastatic stage Stage III and stage IV for respectively 13 cases and 44 cases).

Keywords: Breast cancer, Epidemiological, Clinical, Histological, profile, Internal Medicine, Cotonou.