African Journal of Biology

African Journal of Biology ISSN 2167-0413 Vol. 3 (6), pp. 228-232, June, 2016. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Effects of Glyphosate herbicide on chromosomes aberration, mitotic index in the root meristem cells

*1Mustafa U. I and 2Adham K. Amin

 1Department of Biology, College of Science, Missan University.

2Department of Plant, College of Agriculture, Missan University.


Accepted 10 April, 2016


This study aims to evaluate the cytogenetic effects of Glyphosate (phomac) herbicides, which were evaluated in the root tip meristem cells of Vicia faba. In the V. faba L. root growth test, the herbicides with a control for each group Mitotic index decreased with increasing herbicide concentration at each exposure time. In anaphase - telophase cells, the total percentages of different chromosomal aberrations like stickiness, broken chromosomes, vagrant chromosomes, c-mitosis, D trubed metaphase and anaphase, laggards and micronuclei at high concentration (1 ppm) were calculated as 86%, the total number of chromosome aberration increased as Glyphosate herbicide concentration increased. Micro nucleated cells were observed at different stages of cell cycle.

Key words: Glyphosate, herbicides, mitotic index.