Advances in Food Science and Technology

Advances in Food Science and Technology ISSN: 6732-4215 Vol. 3 (8), pp. 332-338, August, 2015. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Evaluation of Lactic acid bacteria isolated from fermented tomatoes to produce antimicrobial activities against several bacteria and fungi

*Ferhat C. Arkoun, Djamal K. Abbas and Zighen T.K

Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Mostaghanem Central, Mostaganem, Algeria.


Accepted 20 July 2015


The aim of this study was to evaluate 40 lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and 20 Bacillus strains isolated from the fermented tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) for their capacity to produce antimicrobial activities against several bacteria and fungi. The strain designed LBc03 has been selected for advanced studies. The supernatant culture of this strain inhibits the growth of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Aspergilus sp. Based on the cultural, morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics, LBc03 was identified as Leuconeustoc spp. Its antimicrobial compound was determined as a proteinaceous substance, but it is possible that the bacteriocin may also be bound to other molecules like a lipid or a carbohydrate moiety. Metabolite extracts from selected LAB were more effective in preserving tomato paste and sauce stored at 4°C against spoilage bacteria like E. coli and the application of bio-preservative should be encouraged in food processing industries.

Key words: Biopreservation, tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), bacteriocins, lactic acid bacteria.